" FKS FILTER " Limited 2011 LTD Çatalca İstanbul and the end of 2011, and has been established in business activity has been established cigarette filter production and products, is intended for trade.
Since it was set up from day one of development and progress, the FILTER FKS that world-wide range of sales, and the customer to that every day is a FKS as a FILTER cigarette tube with filter in different types with our cigarette industry and options vary from Our Suppliers, we aim to offer our partners and customers and solution to add to positive values and customer satisfaction at the highest level to keep our basic.


FKS cigarette tube FILTER with filter in filter machines with latest technology with special filters to meet market demand. Business experienced engineers and trained operators are shown in this production. To improve the quality and Verimiligi continuously by our engineers and R&D work is in progress, and up-to-date and compatible with gelisenteknolojilerle more quickly are manufactured products.

Company continuously invests in innovative machine equipment and a variety of cigarette tubes has implemented new and innovative technologies for the production. The FKS FILTER" filter cigarette tubes in different product range of expert staff, guaranteed, high-quality products.



Growth strategy is important that we have to create maximum value of varlıgımızdan residing: Our Brands, our unique total product portfolio, wide geographical yaygınlıgımız and our people.

Excellence in customer satisfaction, and we will focus on the basics of buyumemizin will be added.